Streaming done right
with quality video and audio
will delight your audience.

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.
Go beyond documenting an event. Create magic.
You will be rewarded again and again.

Corporate Events

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Live Music

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Corporate Events

Sell tickets to your live-stream and provide immediate exclusive access.

Live Music Events

Capture your music event with multiple cameras and broadcast it live.

In-Studio Events

Create an amazing in-studio event that also streams live to paying customers or the general public. There's nothing better for musically-minded kids than having their birthday party at a recording studio!

Events can be magical when everything comes together: audio, video, lighting, and streaming.

Let us handle the details: spectacular audio and video quality, live streaming (public or private), ticket sales and management, multi-track recording, audio production, multi-camera switching, video production, set lighting, and post-production. Pwop Studios is everything you want in a production partner.

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